Watch the experts explain everything you need to know about menopausal hormone therapy.

The Buzz on Bioidenticals: Achieve Hot Flash Relief! Information on FDA-Approved Menopausal Hormone Therapy for Women with Chronic Conditions

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View the 2010 webinar on menopausal hormone therapy and learn how women with chronic conditions can achieve Hot Flash Relief!
Pressed for time? The experts recap how women with high blood pressure should approach using transdermal hormone therapy for menopause symptom relief.
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Do you have high cholesterol? Find out how you may still be a candidate for transdermal hormone therapy by watching this webisode.
Great news! Women who have diabetes may find menopausal symptom relief by using hormone therapy. View this webisode for more information.

The Buzz on Bioidenticals: on-demand webinar

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This webinar clarifies the common misunderstandings associated with menopausal hormone therapy, and explains the importance of FDA approval.

Originally broadcasted live on August 4, 2009.
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